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is not just a word its the driving force of every design project. I see the beauty and potential in old, worn and tired places and things.  Let me help you revive this design into something you love and desire.

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If I can build it I will, if I can spend less I will. There are so many ways to be creative on a budget. You'll find me traveling around Philadelphia's thrift stores and local flea markets, product sourcing and finding the best unique items at amazing prices.
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I have passion for woodworking and air plants. They become one here with a mix of textiles, reclaimed wood and unconventional items. I've created a new home for these easy to care for plants. Click SHOP on the link above for inventory.

We offer a unique and affordable options for each project. It is our practice to focus on creating an inviting and well design space without breaking the bank for our clients

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